What is in a name - Bliss?

What is in a name - Bliss?

Ancients say that bliss happens to you, when you are no longer chasing it. Our story is no different. Bliss dawned on us, quite serendipitously, but meaningfully, two years ago. The future which seemed bleak for the entire planet changed the moment we set out to do something about it. This is something we believe in, the invitation of the earth is to start somewhere, start anything, to respond to what your heart says.

Bliss just happened, when the anxious participation in the living off of the non-renewable capital of nature and its dangerous implication could no longer be ignored. In the midst of guilt and anxiety, in the moment of surrender to nature, bliss awoke within us. And we set out, one step at a time. And it has made all the difference to our lives.


Bliss is a part of a larger dream, a continuum, into which we hope to weave different aspects of the sustainability puzzle. It is pure delight that we start with a single seed, a single plant, a bit of earth to hold. As the story goes, we started our office in Cochin, offering services in creating ecosystems to the discerning kind of men and women! And yes, we are an autonomous naturally natural tribe, evolving, branching, and loving it, as we speak!

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