Deep Stuff

Deep Stuff

Picture yourself in a forest, or outdoors where there are trees. Imagine that flower, the bee buzzing around for nectar, watch the movement, see the dew shining deep inside its petals, then there is a breeze, and yes, it smells divine. In this moment of a deep experience of nature, in you arises compassion for yourself, for everything around. You experience bliss, within. Bliss leads the way to a better life for all life on this planet, for future generations, and it starts from now!

Bliss is all about the deep experience of nature and on how we can go about sustaining our experience of it. For bliss to happen , we have to touch the soil, walk among the trees, swim in the sea, catch hold of a rain drop and taste the nectar fresh from the flowers. And when it happens, in you will arise a deep reverence and care for life- not just yours, but the life of the planet.

At Bliss, we help nurture those age old bonds of nature and human kind.

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