A choice stands before us, stark and evident. In all humility, human beings are being asked to acknowledge, our inter-connectedness, our shared destiny with the bee, the seed, the river, the bear, the bird,the trees, the hills…; No part of nature, stands exclusive in its design and function! If monkeys leave this beautiful planet, if there are no mango trees swinging with mangoes every summer, if there are no bees buzzing around brightly lit yellow flowers filled with dew, very soon, no human being will be left on this planet. And in the worst case scenario, when humans leave, we may leave a trail of destruction to the entire life on this planet.

In the act of acknowledging this basic existential reality, of our relatedness and interconnectedness to all life, lies the secret to healing ourselves and this beautiful planet. The place to start is to experience nature yet again, from where we are. Bring a bit of nature to the inside and outside of our homes, our cities, our places of work and worship.We believe that when we start to use all our senses- to see, to smell, to taste, to touch and to experience life and the living world, we will begin to reconnect with the living world just outside of our window. And through it, we will pass on the understanding of these connections with the community of nature and people.

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