Sculpting with Nature: Naturescaping

With Naturescaping,we design from nature to create extensive naturescapes! Remember, how it has taken thousands of years of practice for nature to perfect its design and relationships. When designing for you, we follow nature, its patterns, harmony and unique expression for a specific location. We take the route of ecological approach to planning, the preservation and restoration of natural systems, towards creating sustainable landscape systems. By doing so, we are able to provide a low maintenance and sustainable solution for each of our projects.

  • balcony gardening
  • indoor gardening
  • vertical gardening
  • rooftop gardening
  • designer landscaping

With Naturescaping, we offer our design services in for sustainable urban green city plans, extensive waterfront projects, villas, hotels, parks, and medicinal forests. Some of the concepts we use are indigenous plant selection, rain water harvesting, water-wise garden techniques, grey water recycling, composting techniques, energy efficient landscape design, integrated pest management, solar powered lighting, urban forests etc.

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